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Amazing Carey. I already have the itch to get back on the road… but this just reminded me all the things I needed to remember. Thank you for sharing.

Amazing post Carey. Loved reading about your travels with your wife and enjoyed your photographs. I spent a few years living in Japan and did quite a bit of traveling back then but nothing like you guys did. Would love to do it sometime.


Hey Carey,
I can’t even begin to explain how much I enjoy reading your well diversed stories. They make me laugh out loud and bring tears to my eyes all within a paga. I can relate to so many of the Africa stories, and some of the Asia stories. And there are others that I long to see and experience. You have imspired me to start writing about some of my travels forsure!! Also gave me lots of clarity so how much fun it would be to do it with someone whom you love. I look forward to reading more and I certainly love seeing all the beautiful breathtaking photos after. Your and your wife Colleen are truely amazing people and are ment for one another and the fact that you are going traveling with your children now brings me more inpriation that you will ever know. I want to do more traveling but I feel like it time to settle down. When I was traveling in Fuiji I met a couple from Alaska and they had been traveling for 6 months at that point with twins at the ago of 2. They were a delight to be around and they would tell me all sorts of crazy travel stories for the week I was there with them.It was amazing and I can’t wait to be able to do the same one day.
Take care and always know there is someone thrilled and impired by all your bloging and pictrues and your a blessing!

Take Care Carey and best of luck to you and Colleen and the kids!!

Trina Rideout

Tracy Piper

your blog, was both commical and insightful, thank you for sharing.
I can’t say I would get the chance in my life to travel as many places that you have, but I sure hope to take some adventures in the future!

I love how you learned so much from your wife, and Im sure she learned many things about you too. love the part, when your wife is hungry, don’t argue, just find food,lol
keep safe and enjoy your next adventures!
the photography is always amazing 🙂

Could you guys be any more amazing? I am envious and wowed. I look forward to your seeing your next trips pictures- but I have a feeling 2 little faces will be making an appearance often 🙂
Inspiring words and breathtaking images!

I plan on making Wynter carry Keirs diaper bag this time. Maybe she’ll understand what’s it like then.haha

Leslie Brown


This was absolutely amazing. I’m so glad you’ve finally posted this – and I cant wait to hear more about your upcoming trip! This posst has almost reduced me to tears at points – and actually has made me bust out laughing at times as well. You are a great story teller – and I truley believe that you would blow the world away as a storytelling photojournalist. I am very humbled to be have been able to work with you.

Amazing photos. powerful and full of emotion. Thank you for sharing those with the world.

I read this last night in my comfortable bed on my iphone before I went to sleep. It only goes to show how lucky we are and how sometimes I/we can be so ungrateful for what we have here. Thank you for the reminder Carey! This post is completely and utterly inspiring, and now I can see why shooting a wedding with a roboboot and crutches is easy peasy for you :p Can’t wait to read more about your trips!! Oh and of course, it goes without saying, the photos are amazing, they do speak a thousand words!! Thanks for sharing Carey!


Amazing Carey! You should publish a book with photos and stories. Thanks for sharing.

Lyndsay Simms

For real, you need to write a book! I always love hearing your stories and how you tell them are even better! Can’t wait to hear about your travels and adventures with your two beautiful kids!!

Corey Larocque

Very very cool blog buddy! Keep traveling so I can travel vicariously through you! I’m not going to do it with 4 kids, I’m sure I would lose 1-2 somewhere in Asia. 🙂 seriously awesome blog though!

Amazing story, Carey. I am planning my own extended travels in a couple of years. For now I have to be satisfied with month long trips. But they are great learning experiences, and I appreciate learning from someone like you who has gone before me.


Carey , this is sooo amazing thanks for sharing these wonderful stories and expierence of your travels the pics are amazing as always !! Good luck with the travel with the Kiddies you guys are very brave ( i have 3 kids ) lol and amazing to let your children expierence this as well !
it will surley be amazing to watch and expierence your children looking at all of the wonderful things ! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your Family !!


Oh and i very much agree you really should write a book !!

[…] As I once again prepare to travel this week, this time to Mexico, I wanted to release a new cinema story from my latest adventure to South America. I was so very fortunate to visit Peru once again and this time I spent most of my trip in the amazing Amazon jungle forest in the norteastern part of the country. Never had I been there before but it had eluded me on our last trip to South America when I was with my wife. You can see that blog and the photos here. […]

your photos are riveting…
love all your stories


Thanks so much for sharing your awesome talent and words of your adventures!! Your skill and courage (and that of your beautiful wife) is amazing. I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog….I love your images and insight… much sadness, so much joy, so much we have to be thankful for here in our beautiful Canada! Thanks again.

Best Wishes,
Sharon Blair (Fort McMurray)

Hey Carey! Had to revisit this link once again and marvel at your wonderful photography. Glad we met up with you along the way, back in 06/07….only a tiny part of your round the world adventures. Wow. Fantastic insight and inspiration – cheers! d.