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Backpacking with Children – six weeks in Asia with an Infant – A backpack full of diapers

Jamei June

Wow! As always your pictures tell incredible stories! Beautiful! Your baby is so cute on the backpack! Ha! My favorite.

Awesome Post Carey – You and Colleen make it look easy! Good luck in Eastern Europe, I’m sure you’ll have an adventure and a great time!


Great post Carey! Wishing you and your family safe travels and Jason & I look forward to reading about your Asian adventure!! all the best!


It’s so amazing to see what you and your family are doing! It’s been my dream for a whole time to go out there and travel as much as I can. I couldn’t do much until now (still studying) but reading all these makes me feel I’m traveling with you to those awesome places. I’m happy there are other people (like you) who would just travel for the sake of traveling and seeing so many beautiful places on this planet no matter if a baby was born. I’m sure Wynter would be so thankful when she grows up and sees herself in those photos, really! You’re amazing!

keep at it man, your almost there , thanks for the read!

Hey Carey,

Aaron is always telling me he wants to travel. Reading your posts makes it more real every day.


The priceless gifts of our home earth…

[…] first year of my son’s life, like we had done when my daughter was 5 months old, through Asia (here). When we came back from our family trip this year and people asked, Why would you choose to travel […]

Thanks for sharing in detail Carey – I’m sharing your post so others can learn the fun of backpacking with their children!


We are pretty much doing the exact same thing. We have traveled extensively pre baby and we have spent time in Thailand, but this Spring we leave for Thailand, yet again, only this time we are brining our 4.5 month old son.

I found this post EXTREMELY helpful! You outline the realities and brought up things I haven’t yet thought of. So thank you for sharing.

Couple of questions: 1) what did you use as a bassinet? 2) what did you use for mosquito netting for the baby? 3) what was the name brand of mosquito bracelets you used? 4) how many swaddle blankets did you bring?

We normally travel with max. 45 liter packs that we carry-on… what were the size of packs you used and did you check your bags on the way there?

Thanks again for sharing!