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2012 Year in Review – Carey Nash Photography – International wedding Photography

As I sit at my desk recovering from the flu I’m given great warmth when I have the chance to revisit the year that was 2012. A year that brought some amazing experiences, fantastic travels and the announcement that my family will be getting a…

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St George in the Morning – Alberta Fine Art – Africa Fine Art

I wanted to share a few special pieces from the church of St George in Ethiopia. Ehtiopia is a magical and spiritual place and these two images encapsulate a few amazing days I spent in Lalibela. These images received thousands of Facebook likes and show…

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Red Bike – Africa Fine Art – Edmonton Fine Art Photography

Last evening I found myself surrounded by the most amazing group of people.  The type of people that inspire others with there work, their charities and there worldliness. After an evening of of discussion I returned home and had that immense feeling of gratitude for…

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