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2012 Year in Review – Carey Nash Photography – International wedding Photography

As I sit at my desk recovering from the flu I’m given great warmth when I have the chance to revisit the year that was 2012. A year that brought some amazing experiences, fantastic travels and the announcement that my family will be getting a…

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Brandie + Len – Country Lodge Wedding – Fairmont Wedding – Firefighter Wedding

Have you ever wanted to see a ten person pyramid with the bride perched atop? Well Brandie and Lens’s wedding was the place to see it. A day filled with great laughs, a short stint on a fire engine and then a gracious welcome at…

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Brandie + Len – Country Lodge Wedding Teasers

A few teasers from this past week-end’s wedding with Brandie and Len. I won’t say too much until the full post comes out later this year but let’s say it was a fantastic day. We laughed a lot and just had tonnes of fun. So…

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