the person behind the lens

I never really knew as a child what I wanted to be, but I always knew that my calling was further away then my northern hometown. Never one to sit still I was always so curious and found real happiness when I was travelling. I have since travelled and worked in over 80 countries and the draw to find remote and interesting places on earth still consumes me.

I Always Saw Beauty And Obscurity

I’ve been featured in numerous galleries and published in many magazines, newspapers and most recently in The Lonely Planet magazine and recognized in an international competition in National Geographic.

On a very important journey through Burma and India in 2002, I travelled with established French artist Vincent Bousserez and Danish photographer Morten Germund. After a few months of seeing light, objects, and people through their eyes I was taught how to harness what I saw and put it on film. I always saw beauty and obscurity but these two men truly set me in a direction that I would never turn away from.

I continue to live and also work as a Fine Art and Wedding photographer in Canada with my wife Colleen and my three super cool kids.

Travelling and shooting for most of my life I have realised how very fortunate and lucky with life and work I am, and I do my best to give back by lending a hand whenever possible with some amazing organizations. I recently began volunteering with Plan International including on a trip to Peru to help contribute and see firsthand how much they do to increase the standard of living and improve education of some less fortunate areas of the world. And I’ve been lucky to meet a new friend in Amanda Lindhout, the founder of the Global Enrichment Foundation, with whom I have been able to assist with some photography. Amanda is an inspiring hostage survivor who started the GEF to respond to the growing famine and inequalities in the Horn of Africa and Somalia.

Giving Back To Others


Recommendations From A Fellow Explorer

I certainly love every place I ever been and for many reasons they are special and unique to me as they have inspired me and remain in a special place in my life, assisting my growth as an artist and my views on the world.

A few countries that I would highly recommend seeing (in no particular order) which make me appreciate the world and its variety of people, and how fortunate we are to travel are:



The Congo