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Travel to Paris with Children – Backpacking with Children – Paris with Children – Taking children to Europe

I’m jumping all over in my entries as of late with regards to our trip to Eastern and western Europe with our children but I really wanted to post the last part of the adventure for everyone. Backpacking with children in Paris! If you want…

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The photo that started it all and why I still do it

It’s usually this time of year that I reflect on the past 12 months (2011 YEAR IN REVIEW) and look back at what work and family events are shaping my life and bringing me into the new year. However I also find myself looking back…

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Backpacking through Europe with Children – Meeting friends in Austria Part 1.

I know I haven’t kept up my end of the deal when it came to continuing the bog posts on our great family vacation to Europe this spring. Like most photographers I too have been very busy this summer, weddings here and there, flying all…

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Moments with World Renowned artist Victor Delfin – Peruvian Artist

Please feel free to check out my other post which also includes more images from Peru here: Backpacking in Peru I had the extreme honour recently to spend some time and do portraits of internationally renowned Peruvian artist Victor Delfin. ¬†When I first met Victor…

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Fine Art Installations – Alberta Fine Art – Edmonton Fine Art – Black and White Photography –

This is a recent installation I had done with four unique pieces and the hanging was an idea, Shelly, the client and I came up with for a long hallway. Each piece of art is printed on Hahnnemuhle Sugar Cane Paper and framed with a…

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