Red Bike – Africa Fine Art – Edmonton Fine Art Photography

Last evening I found myself surrounded by the most amazing group of people.  The type of people that inspire others with there work, their charities and there worldliness. After an evening of of discussion I returned home and had that immense feeling of gratitude for what we have here in North America and the fact that we all have the ability to travel and experience and learn from other cultures.

I dreamed of Africa once again, its people, its colours, its beauty and its tragedies. I wanted to revisit my last trip so I looked through my fine art work from Africa and I came across this print from eastern Madagascar.

Many of you don’t know this but Madagascar was quite easily one of my most favorite places to travel through. The travel was beautiful although sometime arduous and long. Taxi brousses, Citroen 2CV’s, rickshaws and a train ride to the coast that still remains the best single day journey of my life are transportation methods which all Malagasy use to get around. It’s bike’s though that always captivate me everywhere we traveled and in Madagascar they are just as important and your own feet. I see a bike and I dont just think of a means of getting around but I look at them as a life line in communities worldwide. I see the freedom to explore when I look at two wheels and that beautiful frame.

This particular bike was sitting along a brightly coloured wall of a hotel we stayed in. The large springs supporting a seat that has truly been around and will continue to be around. Its paint mostly wore off and I can only imagine the small little stories it could tell. It stuck out to me for some reason and I still can not tell you why but this image, “Red Bike” ( yes the wall is red and the bike was not, but I don’t care) remains one that truly reminds me of not just Africa but travel and adventure!

I love it colours and the memories I have from Madagascar and I just wanted to share it with you.


If you are interested in having this piece in your own home of office please feel free to contact me with regards to owning it. Its in individually numbered, and signed and available to print on fine art rag paper museum framed or on large scale fabric and Acrylic.

Red Bike – 5 feet fabric- As displayed and available at F2 Furnishings