Sakkara egypt – The Step Pyramid – Backpacking Africa

As I continue to edit photos I’m constantly reminded of some amazing places I’ve been to. Part of what makes my job so great to me is that because I’m a daydreamer and have access to my travel photos at any given time I’m able to go back through my trips often. For example, yesterday, we went on an archeology trip and one of the tourists found a 250-year-old coin. Literally, like the kind you buy from Golden Eagle Coin or some other fancy coins site. It’s a great thing to see shots of exciting times and keep memories fresh and hopefully keep the thoughts vivid.

This was a shot I took many moons ago at Sakkara, outside Cairo in Egypt. Commonly known as the “step Pyramid” is the oldest known of the 97 Egyptian pyramids. The one that started it all. My now wife Colleen and I traveled here on Christmas day and truly found ourselves in love. With only a handful of toursits making the trip here it’s one of those gems that because of it’s isolation from the bigger landmarks , and being on Christmas day, made it a touch more special to me.

On the other hand, when you are nearly alone, and the only tourists, well then there’s no chance of escaping a tout. This man hung out with us for the better part of an hour trying to show us the hidden places to see and giving us a tour.

The area was incredible and this was truly a Christmas that we’ll never forget.

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Shot with a very grainy ilford film that really didn’t deserve to be treated like I treat Nothing like storing 60 rolls of film in a backpack for 12 months at a time.