Trash the dress Cuba – Trash the Dress Havana – Cuba Wedding

Here is a short teaser from my last trip and wedding in Cuba. I was very excited to finally visit this country, my 76th country to date, and I must say I’m so disappointed I hadn’t been to Cuba sooner. In my humble opinion the city of Havana truly ranks in the top 10 in the world that I have been to. I can’t quite explain it but some places I have been to in my life are not just amazing and special but capture you and make you feel so good. The people, the colours and the energy just grabs you and makes you want to stay put for ever. Havana was truly an amazing city and one that I hope to visit again really soon.

The first trash the dress shot above is one I’m so pleased to have taken and so glad Chloe wanted to be a part of. As we walked through the city and it’s squares shooting our wedding session I noticed this woman as we walked by on a tight street. Call it pure luck but I stopped about 20 paces after we passed her and went back to talk with her as I thought I had recognized her from this wonderful shot from a photographer by the name of Dmitri Markine. He had done a shot with this woman before and I had seen it on a National Geographic post. What amazing fortune to have seen this beautiful woman in person and to have Chloe sit with her for a special moment. I certainly wanted this shot to be simple and more of “retro tourist” moment as this woman has her photo taken every day I’m sure, she loves the cigars! It was moments like these that will make this short trip to Cuba a very memorable one. I promise to have more from this Havana wedding in future posts but for now enjoy just a small taste of the wonderful country.

Feel free to check out the video of the trash session and some highlights from the wedding in Cuba.