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I’m jumping all over in my entries as of late with regards to our trip to Eastern and western Europe with our children but I really wanted to post the last part of the adventure for everyone. Backpacking with children in Paris! If you want to check out some other posts from our trip to Bosnia and Serbi and Romania you can find some of those posts here:

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Paris was our departure point after a long and amazing trip to Europe with our kids, nearly two months of planes, trains and automobiles. I can’t say that it was easy and in fact I can easily say that it was very difficult but so well worth it was truly an incredible family experience. I’ll do a complete follow up in a further post, filled with our best memories, worst memories and loaded with tips and advice that we can share with others ready to make the same leap. Until then let’s enjoy a few days in Paris!

This was my second time to Paris and I truly have to say that it was very different this time around. It was also very special to share these three days with our close friends from Belgium. We first met Frank and Meike in Madagascar years earlier when bumping around that amazing country. We have kept in close contact since then and have both enjoyed raising kids, which are very close in age.

We planned to meet up for three days of wandering (mostly chasing our kids) and exploring the beauty of Paris, this time as parents. It was entirely different like I said but still the city has so much energy and so many amazing sites to see.

We did our best to see as many sites in the short time we had but of course the kids tire out quickly and we tire out usually as soon as they are sleeping but it didn’t stop us from sipping on some wine outside our hotel at a street cafe while we listened through a baby monitor for the rugrats. It was so nice to catch up and share another trip with them and their amazing kids. It was also very comforting to know that every parent who travels with children experiences the same issues. It’s hard work to tell your daughter that you can’t go sit with that stranger on the Metro, or that just because Daddy wants to race across the traffic circle at the Arc de Triomphe it’s not a good idea. (yes I did that years earlier, not smart) One thing that does remain constant though, we all like Ice cream on a hot day so there was no denying them that!

I really want you to enjoy the images below. I wish I had more time to shoot but of course like the rest of the trip I really only had a few minutes to myself and the majority was spent with family, as it should be.

The river seine in the sprintime