Miami South Beach

I have literally traveled to thousands of new towns and cities across the world in my life.  Every once and a while I visit a place that gives me goosebumps, for what ever reason.  It may be the fact that I dreamt of going there once in my life, that it’s so remote, that the people make it come alive or any other number of reasons.  South Beach in Miami had just that feel for me.  For those of you that know me, may know that I’m a massive movie buff, I’ve seen too  many let’s put it that way.  The second I started walking through the art deco district I had a perma-grin.  There is four other cities in the US

that give me that feeling, Seattle, San Francisco , Seaside in Oregon and now Miami.  My good friend Joy stated it perfectly, it’s Cuba with investment.  If you’ve seen scarface, or Goodfellas you’ll get that nostalgic feel like I did when you seen the great old buildings come alive, day or night.

I thought I’d drag my slr out with with on a good walk, and later a cruiser ride with my friend Lori who lives down there and share some of the wonderful and arty buildings.  Please enjoy!

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