Adam and Laura – Engagement Session – Carey Nash

As I promised I have moved my blog to a newer more personalized version of my style. I hope you like the new look!
I want to share with you and others my latest shoot with bride and groom to be, Laura and Adam.  It’s been an incredibly warm past few days and although I’d love to see some rain here in the Edmonton area it sure is nice to take advantage of these warm evenings.  Laura and Adam met us in the Oliver area of downtown.  It’s funny how I miss living there, sometimes.  I don’t miss the fire sirens and random conversations with “interesting” people ( maybe the odd one, like the time when I met George Washington but most of them are just eerie) but part of me misses the vibe that comes with those areas.

With the old town feel and the great green space as a backdrop I really hope I was able to capture a touch of Oliver.

Thanks so much Laura and Adam!  We’ll see you very soon!

Carey and Jesse