Edmonton Wedding Photographer – Chad and Stephanie – Oasis Wedding

What more can I say but that it was a fantastic day with Chad and Stephanie. I met Chad nearly 6 years ago while he was playing in a rec Slo-pitch league with my wife to-be Colleen at the time. I knew immediately by his swing and his swagger that he was a good guy and one heck of a slo-pitcher. Once Chad contacted me about his wedding I was immediately excited… it’s always nice to see old faces and I knew that guys like Chad and his glowing fiance Stephanie attract fun loving people. Their wedding did not disappoint me!

What was also very intriguing was that we were shooting in two venues that I hadn’t been able to shoot in previously. I was lucky enough to have Blake from Fleur-ish Foto shooting with me and we had a great time with the gang. From the wonderful Christ Church in Oliver, to the gorgeous Oasis Conference Center on the west side, to riding an iron bull on Jasper avenue, no minute wasn’t one filled with laughter, smiles and even some tears (at the reception). Colleen and I truly wish you two the best in the future and it was an honour to be asked to shoot such a special day! Thanks!