Ethan and Nadair – Matrix Hotel Wedding – Edmonton Wedding Photographer

I am so pleased to share this wedding with everyone. Ethan and Nadair are a wonderful couple and it was such a fun and colourful wedding. Nadair you really went for it with your creative and expressive decorations.

I always love a wedding that brings me to new places here in Edmonton. I think most of us Edmontonians take the city for granted, we have tonnes of culture and many new and exciting places to see…it just means we have to look for them sometimes.

The wedding ceremony was held in Sherwood Park at the Loft. And if you haven’t been there before I think you should make the trip or next time you are in the park make a stop. It’s a funky red building and the art gallery inside is well worth the visit. It was also so exciting to see what they had done with their reception room at the wonderful Matrix Hotel. It was my first time shooting in both venues and I truly hope I made the most of my time there.

Our wedding day went smoothly and when I left the reception it was obvious that everyone was having a blast, lots of dancing and tonnes of smiling faces. Thanks so much for making Jesse and I a part of your day and enjoy the pictures for years to come!

Carey and Jesse