The Hofforth Family – Edmonton Family Photographer

Brian, Nicholl and the kids met up with me not too long ago while on a summer vacation. We decided to go to a few spots that I had never shot at before and one that I always seemed to be near or driving by. Many spots located near the base of the river valley here in edmonton offer some incredibly fun spots, with old brick buildings, bridges, running trails and great vistas of our downtown and of course the Nort Saskatewan. As you can tell by the shots we had a blast, and were lucky enough to play in the grass before our “skeeter” friends came out to play. I was also so game to bring out my wife’s childhood radio flyer wagon and her Hampton cruiser. It’s fun to see that all the toys our generation and our parents generation used has had a resurgence in todays culture, plus they are so comfortable. I’m really close to adding hockey cards to the spokes to give it that muffler effect!

Thanks so much guys for being such good sports and we’ll see you guys in Tahoe for the Rozak wedding!