Broken Ankle Wedding Photographer – RoboPhotographer

Well I can certainly say that this summer has had some real adventures and this latest hurdle has been the hardest yet. Nearly two weeks ago I broke my ankle in my mens soccer match. At that time I hobbled off and I chalked it up as a really bad sprain.  It was so bad in fact that I assumed the grapefruit sized ankle was normal and would go away in a few weeks.  Two days later I drove down to Cochrane to shoot Angela and Seans wedding and throughout the day I had this gut feeling that something was wrong and that this may be more that just a sprain. I think it was the constant pain and bruising, but I’m no  And because I’m a man we tend to let things play themselves out.haha I wish my wife had been more persistent though as it would have been pretty nice to have her force me to the doctor the night that it happened instead of letting me shoot two weddings on

I have to say though as soon as I made the steps (no pun) the get surgery our whole health care system seemed fantastic to me.  Within 24 hours I had xrays, an ortho consultation and surgery scheduled for my convenience, yea true story.  I was so lucky in fact that they pushed my surgery to after my latest wedding that I shot for Jarek and Jolene.  Pretty awesome!

I can’t thank Michael Shandro enough for coming to my aid and shooting with Jesse and I last week-end.  He basically was the go-to guy for the ceremony and it gave me such relief to have the help when I was so tender on my feet.  He is a great photographer and it was a real treat to watch him work.  Over the past year I have really been so lucky to have met so many wonderful photographers and friends that have opened their arms to each other and helped out when we need it.  It’s great to see such things happen in our industry and it only gives more ability to learn from each other and make every wedding better for our couples.

Instead of showing off some ugly pictures of the ankle before the surgery I thought I’d supply this shot I took before I met up with alice in wonderland,haha.  I call this shot “Are you serious?”  because I know it’s in all our best interest that they have us mark the wrong leg so that they don’t go chopping on it by accident, but really?  If they can’t tell that the black and blue foot is the bad one I don’t want that surgeon anywhere near me!haha

This is my newest piece of gear for weddings.  I’m considering mounting a lens to front of the aircast for those funky angles!haha

There is no question that it’s hard to think that I won’t be on my bike or playing soccer the rest of the summer, and work is now just a bit more challenging but every experience is a good one and having adversity only makes you stronger and more appreciative of the real things that matter in your life.  I love my wife and daughter and as long as I have my eyes and my hands working I can still make art.