Teri + Robin – Luxury Wedding – Elegant Wedding – St Paul Wedding – Screeched in Wedding

What do you get when you combine a Blue Sky limo bus, a great looking wedding party, a few hundred family and friends, Newfie Screech and a Cod Fish? Give up? You get a really great fusion of luxury and elegance alongside good old fashioned fun! Teri, Robin and their little sweetheart Edie celebrated their wedding in the town of St Paul, Alberta. Located a little less than two hours from the city it was such a wonderful wedding in some really fun new locations. I’ve blogged and shot with Teri and Robin a few times over the past few years and I’ve known Teri personally for over 10 years and they truly are great people with such awesome senses of humour. As you can see from the pictures below they both were beaming with smiles all day, it was just so fun. It was my first time shooting in St Paul and being able to shoot in quiet unique spots was certainly something that I really enjoyed and haven’t done in a while. I truly hope you two love what Jesse and I were able create from your awesome wedding! From Colleen, Wynter, Keir and I Congratulations.