Kieley + Steve – Newfoundland wedding – Jelly Bean Row – George Street Wedding – Springdale Wedding

Steve’s mothers’ speech started with something very special and words that really spoke to me. She said that only in Fort McMurray could two people from opposite sides of our country meet and fall in love. Having been raised in that unique city we all realized that we came from another place and made it our home. Kieley was raised in Newfoundland and Steve from British Columbia, but met in Fort McMurray. And here they were in Springdale on a incredible fall day getting married. Coming from all over Canada we enjoyed and took in all that famous east coast hospitality and it was everything I expected, and then some. No matter where you went people were offering to help out and their kindness was so fantastic.

Springdale is a city located about 6 hours drive from the hustle and bustle of George Street and Jelly Bean Row in St John’s and is located in the beautiful Green Bay. It’s the hub of the area and looks out over hall’s Bay. What a fantastic setting and we tried to encapsulate all that describes the area into our shoot, somehow we managed to bring in a vintage hair dryer into that vision!haha Kieley and Steve were so awesome, great people with huge smiles and a great sense of fun. No matter what we suggested they took it the extra mile and made it more fun and funny than I expected. I really hope the images translate the vibe from the day. I can’t thank you two enough for the great experience and wonderful wedding. It was a trip of a lifetime and Newfoundland is certainly a place I’d love to see again.

If you’d like to see some fun shots from St Johns be sure and check out this early blog here:
Jelly Bean Row

All the best,

I’d also like to make a special thanks to Paul Gizzard who helped me all day with everything. A great young photographer and a great guy. Thanks again Paul!