Shara + Duncan – Murrieta’s Wedding – Canmore Wedding – Rapunzels Spa – Solara Resort and Spa – Murrieta’s Bar and Grill – Wedding

I’m a very fortunate photographer and I know it. Each wedding I shoot I get a chance to have fun, create something unique and special and meet very dynamic couples. Shara and Duncan really are that. As soon as I met these two I had a great feeling, Duncan and I share a very similar sense of humour which tends to lead to outbursts of laughter and the occasional headshake.haha and Shara and I share a great connection for creating something from very little. Shara is responsible for the entire look of their wedding, from the awesome invitations and Thank you cards to the table top items and decorations at the wedding. It was really a funky wedding and somewhat non-tradtional which was both exciting and a fun challenge for Jesse and I. Shara and Duncan had their wedding in Canmore at the also pleasing Murrieta’s bar and Grill and it really had flair. Going directly from the intimate ceremony right to the reception is something we don’t often see but has a great flow and feels more like a romantic dinner party, I really enjoyed that feel. What that allowed us to do during the day was spend time with the couple, family and friends and just wander around Canmore.

I often spend my days free in the mountains and shooting in Canmore and the Rockies just makes me feel at home. Jesse and I got up early and just roamed the area for some fun spots to shoot and that would allow us the time to make the day feel more like a drive and hangout, and I really hope we were able to give you two the kind of wedding photo’s you imagined when you first met me.

If you want to check out some of the magic that Shara is creating these days don’t hesitate to check out her new site due to launch today:
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make-up was done at Rapunzels Salon and Spa In Canmore
And a special thanks to the amazing Shannon and Staci , none of that Stacey with an ey business either, Staci with an I! (I’m in trouble, haha) . Abridewithin for helping with the coordination

Hair was done at their suite at the new Solara Resort and Spa, this place is slick!

Enjoy the Art!