Sighiosaora – Taking a bite out of Transylvania – Backpacking with Children – Eastern Europe with Children

Thanks Colleen. This photo is why I want to travel with my kids.

We’ve had so many people ask us why the Balkans and why this time of year?   Well, it worked out perfectly for the timing, spring has sprung, and with Colleen and my career we could do it at the same time if we went now, that was really important to me and to our marriage, haha. We love to travel and we really need to visit new places, so of course we search locations where we can do it weather-wise, but coming from Canada that pretty well leaves the entire globe open. Think about it, with our big Canadian jackets and boots from we can really go anywhere. My head screams “keep traveling to new places”, and I think Colleens does too or at least she can hear mine and it’s become obnoxious so she humours me.  Oh, one last thing.  It was minus -40C when we left Canada so I can deal with the last week where we suffered in Romania with 0 to plus 5, and this week coming up is 10 to 15C, so even though it’s chilly here it’s not something we can’t handle after the miserable winter we all enjoyed in Alberta.

Of course there are a few minus’s when you travel in the off season.  The weather isn’t perfect, not everything is open , the landscape isn’t always in full bloom and each place you visit has less of that ‘busy vibe” which gives a city energy.  The benifits are many though.  You can choose where you want to stay, where you want to eat, reservations aren’t usually needed and you never feel rushed and what is normally a tourist stop feels like it’s yours to explore hassle free.  (note: that is typically the case, however visiting underdeveloped nations in the off season typically means more touts are vying for your dollars, as was the case when we were in some parts of Africa in off-season)

When we arrived in Sighisoara we really enjoyed this medievel town and it felt like it was ours, and not a tour stop for tour buses.  There is a lot to be said for that.

Sighisoara is where Count Dracula spent his first four years, where he got his first really big eye teeth.  I wonder if his folks new something was up when he was four-time apple bobbing champ at halloween.  Like I had mentioned before, not having to reserve, when traveling with kids is awesome.  When you get off the train, all you want to do is dump the gear and let the rugrats run free.  What’s more exciting is dropping off your bags at a hotel like the Casa Wagner.  One thing about Europe is that it has sooooo much history and so many beautiful towns.  I’ve traveled within Europe something like eight times and this is in my mind one of the greatest places I’ve ever seen.  I love castles, medievel squares and this was one that competes with any in Europe or the world.  What could make that better?  Sleeping in a 400 year old building right on the square.  What could make that better?  Spending $60 CDN, for a one bedroom apartment that overlooks the square and clock tower.  I still can’t believe we stayed there.  It was so perfect.  I loved peering out the window and imganing the town 400 years ago, the activity in the town and even little Drac necking with some young girl.

The square was also very famous for it’s public executions. There’s nothing that screams family more then watching a good ole hanging. I’ll save that little diddy for later when Wynter asks what they use to do there.

Wynter also really loves it here.  There is practically no cars allowed so we can let her roam free and tell us what to do.  She likes that.  Lately she’s been collecting “crocks”. (rocks to the lay person, but crocks to parents).  I’ll leave you with some of the photos from our time there and I also want to mention that these are just a few, all the entires are just a smattering of shots I pull from the camera.  When we get back from Canada I’ll do one big and boring blog with my personal favorites from the trip.


The Nash’s

The clock tower
I love the two bodied Elk on the corner
I vaaant you to spend money in my cafe
Of course Bursny made the trip. This is his home.
She loves to explore
She get’s sooo dirty so fast!lol
Casa Wagner
Casa Wagner – One of the huge rooms. It was so incredible

Backpacking through Europe with Children from Carey Nash on Vimeo.

A two month trip with two children as we backpacked through Eastern and Western Europe.