Troy + Jodi Wedding -Wedding – Destination Wedding Photography

I just wanted to post a small selection of teasers from our wedding last week in Cabo at the Barcelo resort. Troy and Jodi truly picked a wonderful spot for a wedding as they were surrounded by lots of friends and family. Each day the weather was hot, the pool was cool and everyone around you was having so much fun.

I can not wait to show you the rest of the wedding photos from Mexico and thanks so much again for making us a part of the gang! I also want to thank the guys and gals for taking us into Cabo for the street running race and one of the funniest evenings I can remember that ended up with with lots of laughs at a place called Squid Row, and no it’s not a seafood restaurant.

Enjoy the first few shots and look ahead for the trash session at the Barcelo and on the collectivo!