Invermere Photography – Portrait of an Artist – Christina Gouthro – Kootenays Photography

I just wanted to share one shot from our session in Invermere this past week. I had the fantastic opportunity to meet and shoot burgeoning artist Christina Gouthro. Two things made this shoot so great, Christina and her amazing perspectives on life and art and of course Invermere and the Kootenays as the backdrop. What could be better?

A little about this shot and dont be fooled, it wasn’t night time or near dusk but about 4 pm and blindingly bright to the west which make this shot all the better and more dramatic when using a single 1600 White lightning. What is also interesting to not, and here’s a word of warning ~ Soft Boxes also can double as kites on windy days!lol

I’ll post many more as soon as they are ready but enjoy this image from the small and beautiful church about half way between Invermere and dry gulch.


If you are ever interested in a session in Invermere please don’t hesitate to contact me. I don’t charge for any travel expenses as we spend a great portion of the year in the Kootenays.