Trash the dress Wedding – Jodi + Troy

This was truly a fun session. Not only did we have an amazing wedding and wedding shoot we were also all so excited to “Trash the Dress” a few days later. I understand that trashing the dress is not for everyone but when I hear that I get to shoot a a session where we try very hard to wreck it, it get’s me really excited.

Jesse and I had scouted out the town a little bit, San Jose del Cabo, and found some fun spots to shoot in. A lovely little town square and with a little wandering this fantastic dusty parking lot which you can see in the images. We may or may not have all been reeling from an adventure in Cabo the night before, one that may or may not have lead us to a nice little “hideaway” called Squid Row. First of all, if you end a night at a place called Squid Row, something either went very right, or very wrong.haha I have to say that it went very right and what a great time we all had, however it made the 35 degree weather feel just a tad hot, more so than normal. As you can see ice cream and and those little coronitas helped cool them down. Even Jamie found some shade high in a tree, I’m till not sure what he was looking for?

We hopped on a bus, wandered the streets and dirtied up the dress before we came back to the Barcelo resort, where a crowd of family and friends watched the ocean games. It was really fun to have them all so excited to watch the antics. As you can see from the images, it was a great time. Cabo was amazing, the Barcelo was superb and Jesse and I really can’t put into words how appreciative we were of everything. Thanks so much Jodi and Troy!