Destination Wedding – Edgy Trash the Dress – Naomi and Tim Teasers

After heading down to Cabo San Lucas again this summer I am constantly reminded how wonderful it is to have willing couples to let me explore a country and it’s regions. My never ending goal when traveling is to wander and bring home memories and show the local flavour, it’s sights, the land and the people. After traveling to over 75 countries some of which I’ve been to more than 5 times each I have to dig deep to show a new part of a place I thought I saw last time. I always learn more about a place the further I explore it and this was no exception, and in fact the first time I saw the arches in the three times I have been here, go figure eh!

I really hope that is what people see when they see my art, they see something new and different then they thought they new.

I want to briefly show a handful of teasers from Cabo with Naomi and Tim. We found some real gems outside of town that I hope you will all enjoy. Trashing the dress really is a wonderful and freeing experience for any couple and a chance to go outside the box.

Thanks so much to Tim and Naomi for making this happen.

A very special thanks as well to Neyse Berman from Blanc. If you need hair and a make-up artist while in Cabo or abroad she’s the one to call!

And of course the Melia Cabo Real for their wonderful service and hospitality!