2012 Tour of Scotland – Fuji x100 Memories – Whiskey and Castles

I have finally got around to looking at my travel photos from our tour of Scotland and what incredible memories. It’s incredible how guilty I became when I realised that I tell all my friends and clients to back up and print pictures regularly and here I am not practising what I preach. bo to me!lol

Kelly and I spent nearly two full weeks driving around the country and although many people think I must shoot an incredible amount of photos but the truth is I really don’t.lol All of these images were shot with my fuji x100 camera with a fixed 35 mm lens and constitutes about 30 percent of the total images I shot on the tour. I bought this x100 to have the ability to just toss it around my neck when I was walking around and it rally became a more enjoyable trip, mind you I took a few less shots than normal. It has it’s limitations but makes up for in terms of size and convenience. Enjoy a taste of our trip, some of the whiskey distilleries we saw, a footy game, the amazing castles in this glorious country which only churns out the coolest people (I’m 25 percent biased.lol), standing on the 18th green at st Andrews, and getting soaking wet on some hikes. The weather as we coined it was Miserably beautiful and I can’t wait to go back!

note : Mr Burns made his way there too and I think he’s been to about 60 of the 76 countries I’ve seen at his point.lol