Just one hour of my kids lives

I just wanted to share a few shots I took this evening with my kids in our back yard. It’s during the short and busy summer months when I really and truly realize how fast time flies from year to year and how precious the time we have with our kids is. I just returned from a convention last week which was so fantastic and rewarding on a work and personal level but it also reminded me to take more time with my family. My family is the reason I try so hard at my job to contribute and give a great and fun life and every time I look at photo from only months ago I’m reminded at how fast they grow, and how fast the cute little things they do become new cute things. One minute my oldest daughter is just learning to crawl and the next time I open my eyes she’s spelling her name on paper and explaining to me what lady bugs eat for supper, and she’s right. These are my little clones, my goofy little rugrats that keep me laughing, keep me stressed out, and are my whole life.