Amber + Craig – Victoria Wedding – Starling Lane Wedding – Vancouver Island Wedding

I had been to Vancouver Island only once before in my life and absolutely loved it! Amber and Craig invited me out and had hired me two years before their wedding and I could not wait to make the return trip to see them and see Victoria and the Island again. Their wedding was everything I imagined it to be, a great gathering of friends from all over the place meeting at the stunning Starling Lane Winery and then partying the night away with a live band at the community hall.

I had the great pleasure to work with Shane Deringer. If you haven’t checked out Shane’s work you’d be silly not to, he’s a great guy with tonnes of energy and a kick ass photographer. We had a lot in common 😉 . As you can see from the images Victoria had a plethora of amazing locations that literally make me It’s one of those places that everywhere you look is simply beautiful and offers such a diverse range of areas, from the historical downtown to mountains to the sea. I tried my best to see it all and Amber and Craig and I explored a few special spots on our day after session. I highly recommend checking out Dallas road at sunset and Mount Doug for a spectacular view of the city and Island. I won’t lie, I’m jealous of the Islanders, you are lucky people!

Thanks so much again for making me a special part of your wedding Amber and Craig and please enjoy these memories for the rest of your happy days!