Lindsay + Conlan – Banff Wedding – Tunnel Mountain Wedding – The Bison Banff

Conlan and Lindsay had a beautiful wedding atop the tunnel mountain in Banff Canada. In true mountain fashion we managed to have a beautiful and bright ceremony and then watch as the clouds rolled in and the skies open up and pour rain down us, for only 20 minutes of course and then it was like it never happened. You can only expected the unexpected in the rockies. I was very lucky on this day to have the amazing help of Erin Wilson who brought a great perspective and an incredible attention to detail. She’s wonderful.

We had a lot of fun with Conlan and Lindsay and their wedding party was nothing but game for all my suggestions, including the one time where I asked them to chase the bride and groom like zombies. I may have, I repeat, I may have doctored the image for the full Jokes aside I’m so pleased to share their wedding with everyone. Please enjoy and if you ever get the chance you have to make the stop at their reception venue, the Bison. The food was great but the staff was amazing!