Rebecca and Adam – Luxury Destination Photography

I’m am very excited to share Rebecca and Adam’s wonderful engagement session from last month. Rebecca and Adam had approached Kelly Redinger and I earlier this year and asked if we would consider shooting their wedding and engagement session as a team. Although we typically work separately, Kelly and I have shot a few weddings in Europe together and and have begun to take on more unified weddings after we have found that our styles really compliment each other. Kelly is a great photographer and a good friend so this was certainly something were were very excited about doing.

Rebecca is a very established and talented wedding planner here in Edmonton at High Culture and she is also an important player in Blush Wedding magazine. It was an extremely fun time filled with tonnes of laughs, great sightseeing , a famous Nathans hotdog and the amazing city skyline at dusk. What more could one ask for? Thanks so much for making Kelly and I a part of your engagement session and trip and we’re so excited for your wedding and reception next year.