Stephanie + Tyler + Genevieve – Calgary Family Photographer – Editorial Family Photographer

It may not seem like I get as many opportunities to meet and shoot with families but when I do I’m always reminded of what a great experience it is. As most of you may know, Colleen and I have three little backpackers and although I don’t take as many photos of them as one would think the most prized and cared images I have is my rugrats in our own house when we’re just being a “family”. Some would call it editorial I just call it hanging out and getting messy with the kids. Stephanie and Tyler contacted me early in the year and I was so pleased when I mentioned to her my idea of spending an average day with them and their happy baby Genevieve. Nothing staged, just the three of them enjoying the everyday moments that are so special and the ones we’ll try so hard to revisit when we’re older. I wanted to be a fly on the wall and grab a few of those moments for posterity. This blog only contains a few shots from our day, supper, lunch, a walk at the lake, reading a book in bed and of course I saved a few intimate moments for them and their family only. Please enjoy our afternoon and I can’t thank you Stephanie and Tyler enough for sharing your world with me.