2013 Year in Review

The single greatest thing that happened in 2013 was the arrival of my new and youngest daughter.   Having Ilse Mira enter our lives and joining our Nash household truly made our family feel complete and has made me an extremely happy man.  I first want to share some of our “Team Nash” family photos courtesy of my good friend and wonderful photographer Paula Scherr.

2013 was a very very full year.   On record it was the busiest year for both my career and family and I found myself on the road a lot and traveling more than usual.   With a great combination of working and vacationing I found myself all over Western Canada shooting weddings in Victoria, Vancouver ,the Okanagan, The Kootaneys,  a lot of work in our wonderful Rocky Mountains and of course a handful here in Edmonton.   I also found myself travelling abroad again, in the US for some exploring and off to Scotland and the Netherlands in search of clogs and Loch Ness.

Each year I love to showcase and highlight most of the people I met and worked with and places I have been and some very cool experiences for both work and personal and let the images do most of the talking.

While in Scotland I was able to visit many of the locations from “Monty Pythons and the Holy Grail” and the highlight was Castle Stalker.  It was monumental for me as it was a movie that my dad and I laughed at over and over when I was a kid and brings me back.    While on vacation in Las Vegas I met Ted Danson who was one of my childhood tv hero’s and he was extremely gracious considering how goofy I must have sounded when I approached him….I can’t help it, he will always be “Sammy Malone”.lol   Kelly Redinger and I co-host a podcast called “the lonely photographers” which has seen a massive leap in listenership prompting us to pursue it a bit stronger in 2014.  What started out as just two photographers ranting on and on has become more of that, but with more people listening.  Either we’re doing something right or people enjoy hearing hearing us complain about the weather in Alberta. I was able to display and showcase my artwork in the Wonderful F2 here in Edmonton and other places across Alberta and one very special artshow in my hometown of Fort McMurray with The Gallery at Frames and More. It was a very special night in the city I still call home.

 I’d also like to mention that I now have artwork available to purchase here:


It was really a special year on all fronts and although I repeatedly say it I could not be happier with the incredible people that hire me and trust me to so something as important as save their memories in time.   Photo’s and family are the only things we have at the end of the day and I’m very humbled that people ask me to capture special moments for posterity.    Enjoy the images from 2013 and a huge thank you goes out to Jill Keech who worked alongside me this year here in Edmonton.  She laughs at my jokes and more importantly is a talented photographer.

Enjoy a little taste of 2013 and have a happy holiday season and stay warm.