Going back to Africa – Ethiopian Adventure

Most may not know this but I am going back to Africa.   In my lifetime I have been extremely fortunate enough to travel and backpack most of world, many places numerous times in my extensive travel.  A few places have had special meaning to me like Burma, Madagascar, The Congo,  Nicaragua, Scotland, Bosnia, India, Bolivia and many others, but Ethiopia has a very significant place in my heart and was a country that truly spoke to me and awoke the budding artist deep inside me.   I can’t explain it but it was a place that seemed to present itself serendipitously and could not have inspired me more.   My wife (girlfriend at the time) were on a two year trip through Africa and South/ Central America back in the mid 2000’s and purely by way of a transfer through Addis Ababa did we decide to take a 20 day layover  in this country before heading back to Europe.  We didn’t plan it, like most of my trips but decided to give it a shot and explore a new country.   I knew relatively nothing about it expect some knowledge I gained from terribly misleading farm aid music videos from my youth.    Ethiopia was spiritual, historically important, and the people and the landscape were so beautiful.

It’s been seven years since I was in Africa and my career has brought me to many countries since then but as many people will admit, and myself included, once you have seen Africa you can’t stop thinking about it.   In the six years since returning from that two year trip many things have happened.  My wife and I got married, we have three very young and amazing children, we bought a house, still managed to backpack with our little ones and camp whenever I’m not working.   Amazing things in a new chapter of my life and I couldn’t be happier.  One thing that I feel I need to recapture though is that wandering passion to explore that drove my career.

I’m headed back and I can’t wait to see this country again with fresh eyes and this time a digital camera instead of a backpack full of dated film.lol.  I’m excited to be going back there and to share this with everyone.  Please feel free to follow me here on the blog or facebook and instagram.


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