Istanbul – Two days in Turkey – Fuji X100

Somehow in all of my travels I had never been to Istanbul. How? I really don’t know but I did, until now. One travel tip and thing I have always done, without exception is take advantage of layovers. My flights to Ethiopia were with Turkish Airlines (which was fantastic) and my layover on the return trip home stopped and transferred in Istanbul. So I fully took advantage of a free trip to Turkey and enjoyed a couple of days in this beautiful city. One thing I fully took advantage of was leaving my camera on off for most of my time there and when I did decide to take a few pictures they were taken with my trusty steed, the Fuji x100. This little camera has been the best gift I have given to myself in the past couple of years and is small, unassuming and takes great image quality. It allowed me to enjoy some time to myself and not have to carry anything on my person aside from a wallet and the camera slung over my shoulder. Enough about that though, I’m sure people are tired of hearing how much I love it.

Istanbul was a fantastic city with beautiful sights and fantastic food and all for a very reasonable price. After a trip to Africa it was exactly what I needed with a soft bed and quiet and time to decompress and prepare myself for the trip home. I also had the extreme fortune to meet a few new friends while walking the streets of Addis in Ethiopia who actually shared the same flight to Turkey along with me and we shared a a few touristy trips with me and were great company.

Please enjoy just a small highlight of this amazing city and if you are considering purchasing any of the artwork you can find the pieces here very soon:

Carey Nash Travel Artwork