Personal : Chicago Bucket List Trip – Notre Dame Football

This is a small personal post about my recent adventure to the Windy city, Chicago.  I have wanted to visit this city for many many years and was so excited when this trip was planned with some friends for an “Ultimate Sports Week-end”.  It was an extra special occasion as I had never been to a college football game (or NFL for that matter) and was looking for a good reason to see them.

Our time in Chicago was brief, 4 full days,  however it was jam packed with activities.  I found the city to feel much more like “small town” rather than a metropolis like NY or LA.  It has all those wonderful things and the energy of course but certainly less overwhelming.    Coming from a province like Alberta it was a place I could resonate with.

Some of the highlights of our trip there were (in no particular order):

* Notre Dame game and tailgate parties

* Seeing Union Station and where parts of the Untouchables movie was filmed

* The Green Mill Speakeasy

* The Purple Pig

* Da Bears Game and the Stealth Bomber flyby

* Sears Tower. ehemm Willis Tower

* Gangster tour of the city

* Blackhawks Game

* Andy’s Jazz Club

* Michael Jordan’s Restaurant (best meal of the trip)

* The Bean and Millenium Park

Although the trip was a complete whirlwind I could not have imagined a better time with more laughs.  The weather actually made me miss Alberta as it was bitterly cold in fact but did nothing to take away from our fun and truly made me admire how hearty and tough Chicagoans are.  Probably as tough as us Canadians.  Enjoy some of the “blog friendly” images,haha, and I can not wait to go back one day soon, in the summer.