Emerald Lake Lodge Wedding – Destination Wedding – Caitlin and Matt

One of my work challenges is putting together a blog entry with 35 images or less that truly show the energy and experience of the wedding.   It’s not an easy task when you spend a few days with amazing people like Caitlin and Matt and want to make sure it’s reflected as you remember it.

Matt and Caitlin traveled from Baltimore and joined friends and family from all over North America in Emerald Lake.    If you have never been to Emerald lake and the Resort I just hope that you get the opportunity at some point.  It’s truly one of those special places where you have no choice but to decompress and soak in nature.    It also doesn’t hurt when you toss in a nice reception dance party at the end of your day.

Please enjoy just a few of the images from this past fall with these amazing people!  I also wanted to say a massive thank you to the Resort for making everything we do possible, to Sharon Auld of Naturally Chic for the amazing planning and decor and to the wonderful  Dana Cole who second shot this wedding and brought so much added fun.