The Adventure Session

What is an Adventure Session?

About nine years ago I took a couple out into the desert the day after their wedding to take a few more pictures… this time without any time constraints.  At their destination wedding at a resort I figured they flew all this way to get married so we should showcase the landscape and culture of the area.   What started that evening was the first of many Adventure Sessions.  And they are no longer just for weddings either.  I have photographed families, engagements, one on one sessions and just for fun.  It can be anything!

I am an avid traveler and when shooting in such beautiful destinations I wanted to create images that mirror the sense of exploration, the environment, and the people that surround it.   My couples deserve to bring home not just photos of themselves ,but a reminder of the beauty of the area that is also artwork that they can display.

… we meandered through old town Havana, into peoples homes, on roof tops, in the market… standing up, laying on the ground, jumping, playing soccer… you name it. Our pictures are stunning.  ~ Chloe And Mike

Another major reason I offer these adventure sessions is to allow you more time on your wedding day to spend with your family and friends.  I feel that my role is to capture the special moments and the experience from that day without turning it into a photoshoot.   This is allows you the chance to connect with family and loved ones and not make portraits the focus until later on.    On Adventure Sessions, we have hiked on stunning mountains, ridden bikes in small villages, sat at taco stands, walked in the desert, surfed in the ocean, and met with locals in far off communities; making each portrait session into a memorable experience of its own.

We had our adventure session with Carey following Australian wedding. Carey pre-scouted the locations and had everything planned out in a way that minimized the impact on our wedding plans. We were only required to go out and have fun! ~ Fiona and Steve

Who can have an Adventure Session:

Anyone can.   It can be a day after your wedding, an Anniversary, or just a great reason to time capsule a special part of your life.  Of course I’d love to document and be there for the wedding day but I have also been so lucky to have people come to me for something unique after their wedding when the time was right.    Sometimes it’s a couple having a very small and intimate wedding and they just want the adventure session after the wedding as a memory of the occasion.  Really, it’s for anyone who wants a freeing experience.

When do we do the session?

The best part is that we can do it anytime without any restrictions, and we can work together to find the perfect time.

Where can we go?

   Where ever you like!   I have travelled to many parts of  the world and there are so many new places that I have always felt would make for the most amazing backdrops.   It can be close to home or sometimes people turn their next trip into the perfect spot to explore.

We toured around …, had some beers, ate some tacos, checked out a beach, took a boat ride, and all the while, Carey was taking amazing photos along the way. The smiles and laughter in the pictures aren’t forced – we really were just having a good time.  ~ Tim and Naomi

It memorialized our wedding and exploration of Scotland together in one day! And then there’s Carey! He has these brilliant ideas and approaches everything with a sense of humor and fun. We had a blast driving around the Scottish highlands, taking in the majesty of the land while genuinely laughing and smiling the entire time.  Thank you again for capturing our dream in photos! I am seriously looking for opportunities to book another adventure session in the future. ~ Junnie and Zach

For our wedding in England, we wanted to visit places that are important to us, as well as explore new areas — all of which was accomplished and exceeded our expectations. Our adventure session allowed us the opportunity to delight in an intimate photo session and visit landscapes off the beaten path. ~ Rebecca and Adam

Carey did a great job scoping out the most beautiful locations ahead of time and the photos he took are absolutely stunning.  Carey is a laid back, yet professional, photographer who made us feel very comfortable and we are pleased that we got to spend the extra time with him.  His ‘day after’ session is a unique service that we hadn’t heard about before and we would not hesitate recommending it to anyone.  ~ Laura and Dallas

Meeting him for the first time the day of the shoot, I anticipated that we might be a little uncomfortable. However, it was quite the contrary. Carey made us feel very comfortable right from the start. We had a fabulous day hiking & laughing in our wedding attire, as Carey captured moments that we weren’t even aware of until we saw the final images. ~ Heather and Alejandro

Carey was open to our ideas and was able to translate our vision, along with his, into some of the most stunning photos that our friends and family have ever seen.  ~ Jennifer and Rob

There is nothing better than being in your element (I’m a total country girl!), wearing the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought, with the man you love, and just letting it all go. For me it was about capturing the amazing and fearless feeling going into a new chapter of our lives  ~ Oriana and Morgan

Erik loves to surf and we knew that if we were going to Costa Rica that we were going to get in the water…Five years later people are still asking us about our wedding pictures.  ~ Lorie and Erik

I was able to wear that beautiful dress one more time before I packed it away in a large pink box. Two days after I officially became a wife, I put that wedding dress back on, took the perfecting hair pins out of my long hair, and slapped a pair of sunglasses on. Myself, husband, best-friend, brother-in-law, and photographers then made our way, via the Public Bus. There we spent the afternoon exploring, eating ice-cream and drinking beer. All the while, our memories being captured by our photographers. We jumped in the ocean, rolled in the sand and laughed harder than we had in years. (Let’s just say, my perfect wedding dress became a little less perfect and will never see the light of day again).  ~ Jodi and Troy

The day after our wedding, we did a bit of hiking in our wedding attire and got some amazing shots in some really remote locations. It was great to take a few hours and spend time with just the two of us surrounded by some beautiful scenery. ~ Felicia and Lee