Emerald Lake Elopement – Heli Wedding – Jane and Jack

There is never a day when I don’t recognize how stunning our Canadian Rockies are.   Jane and Jack traveled from their home state of California to share their wedding vows in an private elopement in our beautiful and wild backyard.

It is always my pleasure to be a part of something as special as a wedding and in this case and elopement.   With elopements the photography and the time we spend together is much more intimate and I truly enjoy not just being with them but also a chance to be a guide and show them places that are special to all of us.

To Jack and Jane I truly can’t thank you enough for spending your special day with me.  It’s never lost on me how precious these moments are in your life and to be able to deliver memories that you and you family can keep is something that I honour.

I’d like to say a special thank you to the Emerald Lake Lodge who time and time again make everything perfect,  to Tony and the Rockies Heli team for a spectacular flight and location and of course to Jenah from the Prettyhaus for her outstanding make-up.  Please sit back and enjoy!