Fort McMurray Adventure Session – Lisa and Robbie

I want to share a very special post from an Adventure Session this fall.  Earlier this summer my hometown of Fort McMurray, Canada had a massive forest fire ravage the land and force the temporary evacuation of about 80000+ people.  Lisa and Robbie were amongst the people whom fled and like many others from the city have come back to Fort McMurray.     These two approached me and were so kind enough to bring me up as they wanted to document both a period of their lives and of course this period of Fort McMurray’s history.

This was my first trip home in over a year and the first time since the fire so I was obviously shocked and saddened to see the damage left and some of the communities I spent my youth in missing.   There are hundreds of lost homes, and people displaced but I also surprised to see how quickly both the community has started to rebuild and how the forest has begun to regrow.  It’s always been very resilient community.  Here are some of the images from Lisa and Robbie’s Adventure Session and you can see how the fire has charred the trees and the new growth they are standing in.  I was very honoured to do this session for them, in my hometown and truly hope I was able to respectfully deliver this time capsule.