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Rebecca and Adam – Luxury Destination Photography


CAREY ~ THIS IS INSANELY AMAZING!!!!!!! It’s the morning until night engagement shoot…it’s like it lasted all freaking day! Frame after frame of brilliance and I am LOVING ALL HER STELLA & DOT BLING and huge smiles…not to mention the outfits!

Loved all the variety in editing styles too…eclectic ~ just like the city it’s shot in…PERFECT!


Shara Cochrane

Holy F*&K! I am in love with so many of these images.
An engagement session in New York with Carey Nash.
What a brilliant idea. How stylish and cute is this couple.
A PERFECT engagement session.

You have seriously out done your self.

Chloe McAra

Second picture down… With the cityscape. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

OBSESSSSSSSSED!!! Congrats Rebecca xoxo


Wow!! These are fantastic!! Absolutely LOVE the shot in grand central station!
Amazing job 🙂

Wow Carey! You are so inspiring!! I have followed your work for some time now and each image/moment is always so canvas worthy. This engagement session was super beautiful from beginning to end.

I am scratching my head while writing this comment. I first heard about you guys from a podcast called Shutter Time. You came on one of their episodes and I immediately took a liking to you guys. I located your podcast The Lonely Photographers and I have been listening to every episode available. Today while listening to Episode 31 I decided to see the photographers behind the show. Since then I have emailed your website to my little photo community and there are about 5 of us group messaging back and forth abou how amazing your work is. I remain somewhat speechless after reviewing fantastic image after image. There is so much beauty in these images that I can’t believe they were shot in a day! I swear I want to fly to Alberta and get married again so that I could hire you to photograph our nuptials. Anyways I should stop gushing before it becomes rather uncomfortable lol. Seriously your work is amazing and is an inspiration to us all!!! Oh one last gush! Your photogrpahy podcast ” The Lonely Photographers” is my favorite photography podcast of them all.