St Johns Newfoundland – A few hours in St Johns – Newfoundland Wedding – Newfoundland Wedding Photography – Ches’s Fish and Chips – George Street

I wanted to put a quick entry before Kieley and Steve’s wedding tomorrow. I’ve been in Newfoundland for 4 days already and I really have to say that this is a wonderful province. Having been raised in Fort McMurray and knowing and having so many friends from “the Rock” it is really exciting to finally see where they come from.

I got in pretty late on Monday and I was so screwed up from the time change that I still managed to get up way to early and get a full day in St Johns, that includes a few pints on George street and dinner at Ches’s fish and chips. I’ll have a very detailed and storied blog when I return next week but until then here is a few shots from the colourful St Johns.