St Johns Street Photography – Jelly Bean Houses – Jelly bean Row – Newfoundland Wedding Photography

One word comes to mind when I think of St Johns; authentic. I have been to many parts of this country, remote, busy, french, English, aboriginal communities in our north, border towns east to west, parts of the north that you can only fly into (hairily) and I still can’t help love our east coast communities the most. Maybe it’s because I have only been there a couple of times or that the pace is so refreshingly calm, but we as Canadians are truly lucky to have it. St Johns shown here has such a wonderful and colourful reputation, from the George Street festivities, the incredible hospitailty and of course their famous Jelly Bean houses. It is such a wonderful trademark and really gives this energetic community a real identity all to it’s own. I took these photos on my last day in Newfoundland and I really could have spent many days walking around and shooting. I hope you enjoy the artwork and I’ll also be selling the prints for a special price here:

Jelly Bean Row St Johns Artwork