Arrived in Bucharest – The Tempo Hotel – Backpacking with Children

Wynter waiting for the first plane
Arty Hey!
View from the Hotel Room – Backpacking with Children
The Swiss Alps
View from the Hotel Room – Backpacking with Children

I want to start with one thing. Air travel is still the greatest thing ever made possible by humans! To get up one day in your own bed, and then hop on a rocket ship with coffee and satellite movies and then arrive across the world a day later is amazing.

That was a long day! By the time we were settled into our hotel, The Tempo Hotel here in Bucharest we had spent nearly 24 hours on three different flights, two delays, one sprint across Frankfurt airport and then a good evening in Bucharest city traffic. At one point Wynter had crawled underneath three rows of seats by the time a guy grabbed her sweater and swung her back our way. If it was just Colleen and I it wouldn’t have been so bad, and in fact or baby Keir was quite easy, but a two year old really demands attention and on our end tonnes of patience. It’s hard not to feel bad for the little people as we are constantly telling her to sit down, buckle up, get up, sit down, buckle up, go to sleep, don’t sleep, get to sleep, stay awake and eat breakfast even though it’s the middle of the night in Canada, is your two year old mind confused yet. By the time 1 am (local time) hit us Wynter was wide awake and Colleen and I were beyond tired. I won’t go into the discussions we had between 1 am and 5 am but there was a lot of negotiation where Wynter came out on top. I assume it will take a few more days before we all have our clocks in order.

My first impression of Bucharest is a little foggy but so far I’m in love. I woke up early to birds chirping and roosters. I love waking up in a city of three million people and still hearing chickens, so cool. Wish us luck on day two, and hopefully we can stay up all day!

Backpacking through Europe with Children from Carey Nash on Vimeo.

A two month trip with two children as we backpacked through Eastern and Western Europe.