Last day in Bucharest enroute to Brasov – Backpacking with Children – Backpacking with Children Europe

Meltdowns, mishaps and lots of whining. I really wish I could stop doing all of that! What should have taken 3.5 hours to get from Bucharest to Brasov ended up taking 8 hours. It was really one of those days where I said to Colleen “is this a good idea?” Traveling with a two year old is certainly something that you have to do and have to tailor to the little ones. We hopped in a cab and left our hotel and headed for the train station. So far so good. Not one of us has slept more that 3 hours in a night since we landed and it is very visible on all of our faces. Wynter is cranky, Keir is cranky, I’m cranky, Colleen is….beautiful! She can do no wrong! After getting to the train station we bolted to a billeting booth, quickly bought two tickets (kids ride free) in the second class cars and then headed to wait patiently by the 4th track (which we were told was the right track) for the car for Brasov. You meet and see some really…neat people at train stations, from doctors and lawyers to people that really like your wallet as much as you do….we waited, and waited and then after the train came in we walked up the ramp and went to board before we quickly were told to get off..the car attendee was very confused, we were were very confused and even the guy with one eye and toothless smile that was watching us seemed very confused but he was still smiling. He may always be confused though. After talking romanian for a bit to some people who worked at the station, by which I mean I waved my arms a lot, said things in english multiple times but each time slower than the last so that people who don’t speak english will eventually understand it, we did find out that we missed the train and were waiting patiently for one that was ARRIVING from Brasov. Meanwhile people loaded our train in the adjacent track DEPARTING for Brasov. That was the start of our day…and then we booked a ticket for Brasov leaving two hours later. Doesn’t seem so bad does it? Except that we had two sleep deprived kids with us….this is hard work man!

Wynter had been talking and talking and talking about the train rides. Two year olds are awesome and every day I wish I could get inside her head. She sticks on things and they mean so much to her. It’s really something I appreciate and love about having kids. With that being said, don’t try and pull a fast one on them, they remember everything and won’t be afraid to voice it. So when you say we’re going to the park, take them to the park because you can be damn well sure that they have a record in loop in their head saying “going to the park, going to the park, twinkle twinkle little star, if I go poop on the potty I get a toy, going to the park. So we promised her trains and although we missed the first one and had to explain why, because daddy needs more than three hours sleep in three days, we got her on a train.

Word of warning, don’t use expedia in Romania. We ended up booking a totally different room then the one we planned on. Again, another day came to an end
The train was great, packed full and full of great sites along the way to Brasov which we are in now.

Next Stop Dracula’s hood!

The famous Cara Cu Bere in Bucharest
An easy night supper in our hotel – $17 dollars delivered
How’d I miss our train… seems to obvious
I’m on a bird thing these days
The train station in Bucharest
The right train…happier times
Wynter is tired of all the fun
Part of the historic center