Morgan and Oriana – Edgy Engagement session – Edmonton Engagement Session

I can’t repeat often enough how lucky I am to shoot as a career. I’m surrounded by great clients and wonderful people all year. Each wedding, and each session is unique as are the couples I work with and I’m reminded when I get home and go through the images how great my life and job is.

I first met Morgan and Oriana at Jodi and Troys wedding and not a week after returning from Cabo I saw them again at Sharon and Tylers wedding. It’s a very small world and it’s times like those when you notice how tiny it is. I can’t say how flattering it is when I see new couples come to me after they had met me or loved the shots from their friends weddings. It’s an honour that they come to me and that they are so excited to have me be a part of their wedding. I take that as a huge compliment and I try my best to make their wedding as unique as the family or friends where they first saw me.

For M and O’s engagement session we left the city limits and wanted to go with a rustic and rural feel. I’ve been lucky to use this great old homestead a few times before and each time I go there I find something very new and unique about it. We had a tonne of fun and even had some antique rifles in play for a bit. I truly hope that the two of you had as much as I did last week and I’m so excited to be at your wedding next year.