APF magazine curators pick

It’s with really great pleasure that I share the recent news where the team at APF magazine chose an image I took from Africa as their curators pick of the week.  It was selected by world renowned street photographer Mr Dinesh Khanna.  I had begun the arduous task of scanning many of my negatives from the two years I spent in Africa and South America and although it’s taken many many hours it’s given me the chance to go back in time and re-live those amazing places and the people we saw.    This image in particular was taken as I was walking to a higher vantage point to see the whole market which occurs once a week in the area and as I got to the top this young man was just a few steps behind me and I wanted to get both subject , him and the market as the second.  Technically I wish it wasn’t so soft on the focus  and the scan was really dirty but the more I look at it the less the technicals matter to me and more I love it because it still tells the story.

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I Have recently become more active in the street photography scene and it’s been very enlightening and always inspiring.  I’m learning much more than I ever thought possible about techniques and skills that I thought were purely inherent in the “artist” but there is much more to learn and I’ll be very honest that on occasion I feel very uneducated.  It’s a never ending growth and I’m very excited to have one of my images selected in their magazine.