I don’t travel to take photos , I take photos when I travel
– Carey Nash

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This is post number three and I show no signs of stopping anytime soon. In just less than one month I managed to fire off nearly 2700 frames between the two cameras, the x100 and my d800. In my mind I feel that I was very conservative with my shooting but it seems like a tonne when you are going through them and I enjoy almost every shot, in focus or not. In fact the more I go through the images the more I become attached to the shots and what I felt when I shot them.

I wanted to bring some of the skills I have taken from commercial and weddings to travel. It may seem obvious to many but I have never really spent much time on detail shots when I travel, like images of the rooms I slept in, food I ate or market items for sale but I always shot film for many years and was very cautious about each frame. In weddings the details shots are sometimes just as important to the couple as the artistic images that I create of them and travelling fully digital really made that easy and something I wanted to take advantage of. So with that I knew that I would have the ability to capture a little bit of everything, and everyday life in Ethiopia.

Please enjoy this set of images along with some captions and please let me know what you think. I will be creating a full gallery very soon with all the images of Ethiopia to purchase as fine art prints. Until that time if you would like to own one please feel free to contact me and we can make that happen.

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Life in Omerate near South Sudan

To me this is life in Ethiopia and many other countries in Africa.  The road is the lifeline of the country and people can be seen all day walking along it.  I love this!

The good for sale at a market in Addis

The Sunset nears in Lalibella

My second attempt at a star photo.  This time taken in the Tigray Mountains with our community guesthouse in the foreground

I love waking up and watching the sun rise in one direction and this scene in the other.

A pretty typical nights accommodation, it’s not too flashy but that’s ok.

Just in the Dorze village as we are learning how a family makes false banana for us I noticed this young boy in the smoke.

A young Mursi boy near Jinka

A man prays inside the walls of the Rock-hewn churches of Lalibella.

The same man as above.  I was speaking with him here before shooting the other shot above.  I remember so vividly how people would sit and pray for so many hours at these churches.

As we drove south to the Omo this was a common scene along the river beds.

Many people may not realize this but Ethiopia is so hilly.  Here, shot at an angle is a switchback and one solo truck making it’s way back to town.

Within the churches of Lalibella

The busy streets of Lalibella at dusk.

Fascinating isn’t it!

As we prepared to sleep in the village with the Mursi this storm rolled in.

I love this shot.  The man returning from the walk to the edge of the cliff.