National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 – Four editors favourites

Before I left for a camping trip with my son I entered the yearly National Geographic Photo Contest 2014.   Almost every year I enter a few images hoping to see an image featured or “cross your fingers” win.  In 2008 I had two images selected as an editors favourite in the early stages of the judging;  The Stare at St George from Africa and the Girl on the Bus from Nicaragua (first image in the link posted) were those two images.  I never went on to place that year but it was such an honour to see the images alongside others from around the world.  Since that year I have entered images from my travels and not witnessed another shot on the editors’ favourites gallery, until this week.  While on my trip in BC I took a few minutes to look at the National Geographic site and saw that I had four images selected as part of the editors’ favourites in the early stages of the contest.  Three of the images were from my recent trip to Africa and one was actually a wedding image of a bride riding a mechanical bull.  As a photographer this was a very big high and of course I have no idea how well these images will fare at the very end but it’s just a great feeling to see them considered by such a legendary travel and life magazine.  You can see the screenshots from the gallery on my blog here but of course if you want to see the contest page and see the others you can by checking out this link:

National Geographic Photo Contest 2014