Rudy and Jayme – Jasper Day After Session Teasers – Jasper Wedding – XT1

I just wanted to share a couple of images with this amazing couple, Jayme and and Rudy.  These two are super sweet and had an intimate wedding here in Edmonton at Fort Edmonton park with a reception that followed at the awesome Yellowhead Brewery.  After taking a day off we set off to Jasper to have a day after session, or Trash the Dress (whatever you wan tot call and I could not have been more pleased.  I’m one of the lucky ones who get’s to spend most of the summer (and winter) in the mountains and one thing I know about the mountains is that no matter what the weather is like, rain, snow, bright or cloudy it’s always beautiful and each type of weather changes the look completely and makes my shoots look very different and unique.  For some added beauty we could not have been in Jasper for a prettier week-end as the September weather was in the mid 20’s and the fall colours were incredible!  Please enjoy a few shots and for those who are camera enthusiasts you may be interested to know that most of these shots and many from the entire wedding were shot with the new Fuji XT1.  It’s a pretty amazing little camera.

I love this last shot and Jayme’s huge smile while I still wonder what Rudy was doing in the background.  I have noticed as of late how dramatic the images can be on my site.  You’d be a little shocked that we’re actually laughing most of the day. 😉