Lorna and Ed’s African Wedding

Uganda Wedding

 I have been to Africa on a few occasions, and even spent a full year travelling through much of the continent on one single trip.  

I have been so fortunate to travel the world and Africa is truly special and one that has my heart.

The Couple

Lorna, Ed and I first met over two years ago. They came to my home with their fantastic smiles and incredible energy.  We sat down and they immediately asked me to be a part on their wedding day back in Africa. I had only one answer and I answered pretty fast, YES!

Lorna and Ed were raised in Uganda and then moved to Canada at the end of their primary school.   They met here and have spent their adult life in Edmonton, Canada but they always knew they would return to their homeland in Uganda to get married with their family all present.    

I was one of the lucky few from Canada who joined them this past summer to soak in their beautiful African wedding and the Incredible Ugandan culture.    

I had traveled through Uganda many years before , 2006 in fact was the last time and although many things have changed, of course, many things reminded me of my earlier trip.  The people are incredible, the red earth, the colours and the country itself is absolutely stunning as you can see from the pictures.

I want to thank Lorna and Ed over and over.  Having spent two weeks with their family and friends. I truly got to know everyone, share their culture together and I already miss all their smiles and great stories.    

These two could not have been better host and representatives of Uganda during their African Wedding.

 We saw so much of the country, from trekking the jungle, visiting the gorillas, meeting local villages, being on the rivers and even a safari Adventure session.  It was certainly more than an amazing time!

Please sit back and enjoy only a very small portion of the two weeks I spent with these loving and wonderful people.   Congratulations Lorna and Ed and I’m so proud to call you both dear friends.