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Anniversary Adventure Session – Banff


Wow! What a beautiful couple and the scenery is just incredible!! I love that they had outfits changes, and did such a cool hike. You’ve captured it so well!

These are all such epic locations! I can’t believe this could all be done in one day, wow. Each big landscape and background is more breathtaking than the last. You knocked it out of the park!

Such a beautiful day and wonderfully captured!

This place is SOOOO breathtaking. <3 I love the coordination of some of the outfits to the scenery, too.

What a fantastic set of photos!! I was about to say the first was my favorite, then another, then another. Then I realized I have several FAVORTITES – you’ve done a splendid job on their anniverary. I LOVE all her outfits. BRAVO!!

Wow! This location is absolutely spectacular! What a fun day!

That light is something else, you’ve worked magic!

Wow these are amazing! Banff is such an incredible place for an adventure session!! I love it there so much!

Blimey these are so, so lovely. I’d put these on my wall and I don’t even know these people 🙂

Wow! That location is stunning! I like hot the red dress is popping out of these photos